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The 4 Pillars of Growth for Modern Day Businesses

Modern ways of conducting business are different. Business has become competitive, global and requires innovation at speed. At its core, every business is required to undergo transformation from time to time in order to survive competition and thrive.

The 4 pillars of growth include transformation in:

How Business

Is Conducted

Where Business

Is Conducted

Who Business Is Conducted With

When Business

Is Conducted

Choose a business model that completely transforms your Customer experience doing business with you.

Enable business to take place in a hybrid mode that transforms the way your Customers consume your services.

Choose to work with your ideal Customers who appreciate your business and the results

you create for them.

Setup your business to generate revenue 24/7 and beyond business hours like a cash machine.

5 Signs Your Business Desperately Needs A Transformation:

Stagnant or Declining Growth

Your Business revenue has slowed down or has declined over time. Your are not as profitable as you used to be. You built this business with your blood, sweat and tears, now you feel stuck with it.

Increased Operating Costs

Your Business operating costs have increased and inefficiencies in processes are indicating outdated business practices. You wonder how to make the shift and which one to fix first.

Poor or No Customer Feedback

Your Customers don't say much or when they do, it often is negative making you wonder what to do next. You are unsure whether it is your product or service that wont meet your Customer needs or it is because the market has shifted, leaving you unsure which actions to take.

Difficulty Adapting to Market Changes

New trends or regulatory changes, new technologies and evolving customer preferences. It is all moving too fast and you wish you could keep up with this change.

High Employee Engagement & Turnover

High wages, high levels of employee turnover and widespread disengagement indicating your business culture or operating model may be flawed or unfulfilling. You wish you could upgrade your team without impacting ongoing work in your business.

The Essential Digital Business Blueprint

Shape Your Business Future with Precision!

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4 Types of Transformations to Revive Your Business


Business Transformation

Refers to the changes a Business undertakes to improve performance, adapt to the shifts in the market and ensure long term sustainability.

Focus Areas: Vision, Market Research, Niche Identification, Customer Avatar Creation, Competitor Analysis, Business Model, Branding, Productizing, Offers, Pricing etc.


Digital Transformation

Refers to the adoption and integration of digital technology in business to enable business operations to deliver value to its customers.

Focus Areas: Digital Technologies procurement, configuration and setup, Big Data Analytics, Security and Data Protection, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) setup etc.


Technology Transformation

Refers to the thorough revamping and upgrading of technological capabilities to support business operations and strategic goals of a business.

Focus Areas: Migrating to Cloud-Based Systems, adopting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, incorporating AI and Machine Learning algorithms, Data Analytics tools to enable data-driven decision making etc.


Media Transformation

Refers to setting up media platforms for business development to widen business reach with prospects and customers.

Focus Areas: Hosting, curating and distributing accessible, on-demand and personalized marketing content through website, landing pages, funnels, social media, streaming channels etc.

Inthera Transformation Framework

A Systematic Approach to Propel Your Business

into the Digital Future

Our framework is tailored to guide your business through the transformative journey

of digital and business innovation.

1. Discovery &


Conducting a thorough assessment of your Business current state to determine the gaps between your Vision and the expected results.

2. Strategy Formulation & Planning

Developing a transformation strategy that aligns with your Vision and to create a roadmap of milestones to achieve.

3. Procurement &


Strategically sourcing and acquiring the necessary digital technologies and services for your transformation journey.

4. Implementation &


Seamlessly implementing and executing the digital transformation plan, integrating new technologies into your business operations.

5. Transition &

Sustainment Planning

Transitioning new new technologies to operations with minimal disruption to business activities. Ensuring staff are well equipped with tools, resources and knowledge to use new tech in business.

6. Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Continuously monitoring performance and optimizing solutions for maximum efficacy and efficiency. Establishing ongoing enhancements to quickly implement customer feedback.

7. Governance &

Continuous Improvement

Establishing robust governance processes, controls and activities to foster a new culture for ongoing improvement. Developing new measurement criteria, metrics and standards for business excellence and sustainable business growth.

Our Technology Solutions for Automated Business Growth


IntheraX.AI is an AI enabled, all-in-one business automation platform designed to facilitate full-scale management of a client's business activities, including sales funnels, lead tracking, outbound follow-up sequences, scheduling.


Odoo ERP is a suite of open source business apps that
cover all your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc.

Transform with Confidence

At Inthera, we believe that true transformation goes beyond technology.

It’s about aligning digital initiatives with business strategies, cultivating a culture of

innovation, and gearing up for the future. Partner with us to unlock new opportunities

and drive significant growth in the digital age.

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