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Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce

IT Solutions Association of Saskatchewan

Regina Open Door Society (RODS)

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Eny Consulting

Eny Consulting Inc. is a multiple award-winning Information Technology company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta and led by our expert Consultant and CEO, Eno Eka CBAP, PROSCI, SMC, AAC, SPOC, SCC, ITIL. They are a full-service IT, digital, and business solutions company who partner with clients to simplify, strengthen, and transform their businesses.

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Business Address: 246 Stewart Green SW Unit #6164, Calgary, AB T3H 3C8, Canada

Business Website: https://www.enyconsulting.ca/

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The Business Analysis School is an EdTech learning academy helping non-tech professionals pivot into the tech industry through Business Analysis, Product & Project Management. They offer a variety of courses and programs to help non-tech professionals get the right coaching, skills & certifications to grow their income to six figures using Agile Business Analysis skills.

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Address: 246 Stewart Green SW Unit #6164, Calgary, AB T3H 3C8, Canada

Business Website: https://www.businessanalysisschool.com/

The International Institute of IT & Consulting Ltd. (IIITC)

The International Institute of IT & Consulting Ltd (IIITC) is the Ivy League of Online IT Institutions for IT Consultants globally. IIITC takes pride in transforming the global workforce into independent problem solvers for Clients all around the world. IIITC is Founded by Master Consultant, Sabrish Chandrakanth who is on a mission to educate, empower and elevate the status of individuals by training and coaching them with mastery IT skills and competencies suitable for the Digital Era.

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Business Address: 1422 Wascana Highlands, Regina, SK S4V 2J9, Canada

Business Website: https://iitcinternational.com/

ACEIT Digital Inc.

Aceit Digital is creating a world of capable and empowered organizations & business owners who are working efficiently and growing their businesses with the right systems and supports backing them up. We want to take away the stress and confusion from the technical, software, and process side of your business.

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Business Address: Calgary, AB Canada

Business Website: https://www.aceitdigital.ca/

Our Brand Partners


Eno Eka

Eno Eka is an award-winning career coach and speaker who has been recognized for helping more than 20,000 professionals around the world kickstart their professional careers. She is the host of the Livestream Podcast, Fireside Chat With Eno where she shares valuable insights on job search tips and strategies for new immigrants.


Tolu Amadi

Tolu’s love affair with technology started when she realized how our lives would be easier when we learn to use technology to our advantage. However, a lot of people struggle with tech systems and the concept of automation.
AND Tolu is on a mission to help you organize the clutter of information and help you run your business on auto-pilot and keep those sales coming.


Sabrish Chand

Sabrish Chand is a self made Entrepreneur, Consultant, Coach, Mentor, Influencer and an Accredited Investor who has been practicing professional consulting over 2 decades and brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in solving IT and Business problems for Small, Medium and Large Business and Corporations across the world.

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