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Vlad Hu

You know the IT Specialist is good when he can add value even to your technology-driven organization. As a responsible CEO, I'm always careful with who I work with. However, once I met Sabrish, I knew I can trust his process. Sabrish is all about being methodical, consistent, and predictable. We worked primarily on my internal systems: how the team gets their tasks assigned, how these tasks are being tracked, what technology is used for maximum cost- and time-effectiveness. After intensive 6-week exercise, we calibrated my processes well enough, they are not only recession- and pandemic-proof, they are invasion-proof! I have a team in Ukraine, and the system works clockwork. Working with Sabrish is the best decision I could make for my internal IT processes.

Dhevan Naicker

I was looking for ways to manage my business and time more efficiently. Any business owner looking to scale will know how important this is. I needed to implement better systems and automate a lot of my tasks. Doing this would allow me to concentrate more of my efforts into helping me clients grow. But I didn’t know how to do this. I was referred to Sabrish by a mutual business colleague. At the time, I couldn’t understand why he was so excited but now I do! Sabrish, I am deeply grateful for the systems, processes and technologies you and your team helped me put in place. I’m now completely free from so many tasks that didn’t really involve my skills. This is resulted in me significantly increasing my sales and having more time with my family. I feel proud to be associated with your brand Sabrish and I gladly recommend you to any business owner who is looking to do the same. I'm excited for what you have to offer me in the future.

Jose Belman Jr

I value results over cost of services, having Sabrish to work on our company was phenomenal. Our company is based out of California and I did have some fear because of the distance , however the process was seemingness and would recommend his services. All the success to you

Shaan Rais

Sabrish is a PHENOMENAL system and IT Specialist. He was able to come in, and in no time, see what systems were working, what processes were outdated, and what needed improving, removing and replacing. He was also a good Coach for that process. You know, as a CEO/Business Owner you sometimes have affinities tied to your way of doing things, and it's hard to let go. However, Sabrish was able to educate, empower and eliminate when it came to thinking systems and how they relate to business systems which were absolutely priceless to me and my company. We were able to 30X revenue, 10X retention, streamline our efficiency by 35.8X and I couldn't be happier. We have staff that are working less and realizing more, I have time to take a vacation, albeit with the peace of mind to know that there are reliable, reimagined, and results-oriented systems in place to prevent any waste or threat of breakage while I'm away or with family. Doing the things that matter most. Sabrish has afforded me, my family, my business and my team that level of LUXURY! Thanks, Sabrish!

Patricia Bartell

I have had the privilege of working with Sabrish in various settings and have first-hand experience of not only his incredible skill in IT Consulting and Leadership, he is also a man of integrity and one you can trust. As a business owner of multiple businesses, I wish I had known Sabrish much earlier! I'm a creative Visionary CEO so I greatly appreciate a person who is detailed, organized and easy to work with. Sabrish is able to quickly assess a business, its systems and brings clarity. He is thorough in his work and a man of excellence. I'm honoured to know Sabrish and highly recommend him.

Andrew Stewart

I worked with Sabrish to upgrade SaskPower’s ClickSoftware to a new version. He did a great job facilitating the requirements gathering and produced high quality documentation. He also displayed strong technical knowledge of the software and worked well with the technical resources. His contributions were valued on a successful project implementation

Eldon Sebastian

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sabrish on multiple occasions and different projects. I highly recommend him. His work ethic and pursuit for excellent customer service are top notch. Sabrish is a very versatile resource who can work as a project manager, business analyst or switch gears and jump in with his extensive technical skills and perform system configuration. I would welcome the chance to work with Sabrish on any engagement.

Vikas Sharma

I know Sabrish for last 10 years, he is very focused and dedicated, very mature and methodical in his approach and assessment. Acquiring knowledge and applying that in his work is something I really admire and I know that he is committed and always try to do the right thing. His vision and ability to transform difficult situation with practical solutions always been beneficial to organizations. Really great to work with, wish you all the best.

Trevor Bowering

I had the pleasure of working with Sabrish during our ServiceNow deployment. Sabrish provided Strategic and Tactical leadership as we interfaced with various business teams throughout the project. A team player with extensive communications skills at all levels a creative and analytical thinking BA that provided a positive engaging style that encouraged the very best from all of us during the deployment. I was impressed with Sabrish knowledge, performance and leadership that ensured our successful deployment. I am confident that Sabrish will be a fabulous asset to your team just as was within ours.

Tanya McNeice

Working with Sabrish is an opportunity no one should pass up. His levelheaded & plan full approach to each piece of work including very complex projects will raise the confidence of team members of all levels. I learned a lot in my time working with Sabrish and found him to be very open to other peoples ideas and opportunities to find success! I am looking forward to my next opportunity to work with you, Sabrish.

Joe Reiger

Sabrish is the epitome of IT Consultants. I have worked with him at a Crown Corporation and quickly noticed that the breadth and depth of his experience allowed him to easily stand out as a top performer. His calm demeanor was a definite asset while navigating project challenges. If you’re looking for a reliable and capable IT consultant, Sabrish is the right guy to take your organization to the next level.

Sidhartha Ray

Sabrish was the BA for the green field VIM project that we were implementing at SaskPower. His skills in conducting workshops and engaging with the business stakeholders was amazing. Half into the project, he took over the reins as a project manager and guided the team to a very successful implementation. His training documents is still being used as a template for many projects now. Thanks Sabrish for the amazing work.

Andrew Penney

I've worked with Sabrish on and off for the last 10 years. He brings a wealth of knowledge on business process optimization and is able to quickly adapt to changing landscapes. One of his particularly useful skills is an artistic eye, which he applies to any deliverable making it easy to present and understand. It's been a pleasure working on teams with Sabrish. He has always completed projects gaining the respect of his supervisors, subordinates and peers

Paul Ajayi

Sabrish is an extremely capable and dedicated IT professional. He has strong analytical and communication skills which are further enhanced by his solid technical background and his enthusiasm for learning. Sabrish works extremely well with clients, coworkers, and executives, adapting the analysis and communication techniques in order to achieve the business objective.

Brandy Austin-Beyer

I have had the pleasure of working with Sabrish on a number of engagements. Sabrish is a person who I can count on. He is trustworthy, has extensive knowledge and experience that support his opinions and advice. I wish Sabrish continued success with all his endeavors.

Kathleen Story

As a key member of the Services Management Team, Sabrish has contributed to the success of key initiatives which have had a positive impact on the Information Services Unit and our stakeholders. As an example, Sabrish led the design, implementation and training delivery for the updated Incident Management process, including the addition of the Major Incident process. This enabled our operating teams to improve the accuracy and timing of incident response and resolution. I highly recommend Sabrish to any organization. His professional and collaborative approach, strong ITIL knowledge and leadership skills make him a great asset to any team.

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